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Dear Marion,
Rich and I would like to thank you for the help and support you provided as we navigated our way through the real estate market. Through our conversations with you, and property visits we were able to narrow down the home that fit our family the best. Your knowledge of local laws, technical aspects, and financial considerations kept us well informed and helped avoid any mistakes or missteps in this market.
Our closing process was long and difficult, but after seven months of delays by the sellers lending institutions, we were able to close on the house. This was only possible because whenever we came upon a stumbling block you followed through and found a solution. Your rapport with the town officials, legal personnel, and builders kept us moving in the right direction.
We are convinced that you worked steadfastly on our behalf and this dream of home ownership became a reality. Thank you again for you help and support.
Sandy and Rich
To Whom It May Concern:
Marion Romano was the listing agent for our second home in Manahawkin, New Jersey. Marion did an excellent job marketing the home and truly went above and beyond the call of duty. We don't believe anyone else would have been able to sell the home and accordingly, are very grateful to Marion. She made it her mission to sell the house and did everything within her power to make sure the sale went through. She would not give
Very truly yours,
Kenneth and and Denyse Hydock
Marion Romano is above and beyond a 5 star rating. She is extremely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond any realtor I have ever known. I am a first time home buyer and I have always heard horror stories about buying a home. She made my buying experience the best I could of ever asked for. Finding a home for my fiancé and myself to me seemed a little more challenging then most, but Marion made sure she found exactly what we needed, and she certainly did! In a blink of an eye she was available when needed. I would recommend her to ANYONE who is looking for a pleasant, caring, knowledgeable and professional agent.
I could not be happier with our home. Thanks a bunch, Marion!
Melissa & Frank
Hello Marion,
John and I want to thank you for your input and consideration you gave us last Saturday. We realize this is a tough situation for all. We also were reminded, through out conversation, that we came to the Coves for a reason. We do love our home and appreciate your honest conversation. Your feedback was helpful, and we appreciate your dedication and professionalism to "your people". You are a true professional! Thank you again!
Hello Marion,
Just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you ever so much for your help in selling our home in Beach Haven West. Sadly enough we had to sell our home in BHW, but we knew who to call! We trust you completely to guide us through the process. You do indeed have your finger on the area’s “Pulse.” Your marketing strategies were right on the money! Your energy is endless!! You return calls, texts & emails promptly. Your use of all the mediums, MLS, websites, letters to brokers, broker open houses, E-blasts to remind agents of our home, etc. went well beyond what one could expect. Not to mention how you always kept us informed of the market conditions & competition surrounding us.
Marion you are a special lady!!! I will highly recommend you to anyone who should ever need a “True Professional” whether buy or selling a home in the area.
Thank you again! xo
Colleen and Joe
Just a quick note of my sincere thanks for all your efforts at getting us through the sale and closing of our home in Waretown. You handled the situation expertly and professionally, which is what we expect because Conrad did the research and you are the best.
You were able to get us the best price I think we could have expected considering the market and our property’s unique situation.
Thanx again for everything,
Needless to say without you, “Team Lally” may not even have had the “for sale” sign on the property – never mind a closing!
It was a pleasure working with you and I love the way you address any challenges that stand between you and the closing table. Thanks so much for making what would have been a far more challenging closing without you and turning it into almost “a walk in the park.” Please call me if you ever get to Atlanta so my wife, Ann, and I can at least host you for dinner. Thanks for everything and hope you have a great weekend!
I am writing to commend Marion Romano for a job well done regarding the help and comfort she has given my wife and me after Super Storm Sandy.

Prior to the storm, my wife an I were thinking of selling our home and moving out of state. After Sandy, we were not sure (at all) what to do or where to begin. After we had our house cleaned up, dried, and treated for mold, we contacted our contractor who began the rebuild, but we were still uncertain about many things. We started to hear things like raising of our house, ICC, Hazardous Mitigation, public adjusters, insurance hikes, tax hikes, foreclosures, contractor scams, etc.
I started to do my own research, but I was limited to resources and I was only getting fragmented pieces of information that brought me to every direction. One day, I attended a town meeting where Governor Christie was speaking. Governor Christie was choosing people in the audience to speak. He chose one woman and I heard, "Hello, Marion Romano, Van Dyk Realty................."

I suddenly had a feeling of comfort knowing that someone I knew in the field of real estate was there asking questions and representing her clients. I sent my wife a text message asking if it surprised her that Marion was there. My wife commented, no not at all.

The closer my house got to being finished, I stopped at the Van Dyk office on Rt. 72. The receptionist buzzed Marion and within 20 seconds, Marion came downstairs. It was like seeing an old friend as she gave me a big hug and asked me how I was doing. She invited me upstairs to her office where she provided me with an assortment of information that applied to me. Marion was familiar with my home because there was another time that we were going to list, but we opted out of it. She pulled out my folder as if we were doing business the day before. She started educating me on things like, pre-firm, post-firm, Biggert's Water Act, flood maps, and so on. By the time I left there, I felt as if I had an Associate’s Degree in the area of how to get my life back in order after Sandy. She told me to breathe and to relax.
It didn't stop there. Marion gave me specific instructions on what needed to be done before we listed with her. What was very comforting too was the many, many emails I sent with questions to Marion, and her quick responses that I received that same day.

Our property is listed with Marion, and we could not be more satisfied. My wife and I know many realtors in the area, and I know that we hurt a few of them when we chose to list with Marion, but we could not think of a more competent, educated, dedicated professional than Marion, and we thank you for her.
If there is anything else further you would like to discuss regarding our experience with Marion Romano and the service she provides for Van Dyk, please contact me anytime.
I am writing you to make sure you are aware of the exemplary service that Marion Romano is providing Van Dyk clients. As I told (wrote) Mr. Wyrsch after we purchased our current home in the fall of 2010, Marion was so thorough and efficient and made the home buying experience so easy that we promptly enlisted her to sell our existing shore home. Her real estate expertise, knowledge of the local market, marketing strategies, and hustle allowed us to sell that home with in two months. She assisted us with all the details of both sales even beyond each of the closings.

We were out of the country this past fall when super storm Sandy struck. Marion visited our property the day after the storm struck and promptly contacted us to assess us of the damages we incurred and advised us to reach out to our insurance carriers ASAP. In subsequent communications she advised us that she had contractors (that she had previously referred to us upon our request and whose services we had already utilized) at the ready to begin initial mitigation proceedings. I authorized her to initiate the work on my behalf.

Marion continued to keep us informed while we were stranded in Europe waiting for our return flight into JFK. Upon turning my cell on after clearing customs I had several more messages advising me of our property's status and our then inability to get into BHW ourselves. She called me the Thursday morning after the storm advising me that they were going to open the area up and we would be able to get in. We promptly made the trek down. She instructed us to call her when we arrived so she could come meet with us to share the latest info and assist us however else possible.

In the aftermath of the storm, reliable information was hard to come by. Marion continued to keep us informed with mailings, e-mail blasts, text messages, and phone calls. Whether it be information about property tax relief, applying to FEMA and SBA, utilization of public adjusters, the latest info from the township, Flood Insurance/ICC info, etc...She kept non-full time residents such as ourselves educated and in the loop.
This past Monday, my wife and I met in person with Marion for almost two hours to go over the "Your Sandy Check list" she published in the Sandpaper. We discussed what we have done, our current status, discussed the proposed FEMA / Flood Insurance changes, the possibility of raising our property and the other options available to us. It was comforting to know that someone has our back and best interests at heart.

In summation, we have bought and sold several homes and never have we had a realtor provide us with a level of service that even came close to that which Marion has provided us with, especially after the sale. All of the others have always DISAPPEARED, NEVER TO BE HEARD FROM AGAIN once the sale was complete. Not Marion. Our previous real estate experiences were such that we likened and classified realtors with used car sales people. Again, not Marion. We are proud to call her our real estate professional and trusted friend.
Craig and Sue
This woman is part realtor, part spitfire and all angel. When my 80-year old mother lost her home to Sandy, Marion stepped in and found a buyer for the property within only a few weeks. Not only did she negotiate a fair price under unprecedented conditions, she made the process incredibly easy and stress-free for us. She is not only a brilliant realtor, she emotionally invests herself in her clients welfare, which, under circumstances like these, can make all the difference in the world. We didn't feel like we were alone, we felt like we had a partner who genuinely cared for our best interests, someone whom we could trust. Her attention to every detail, right down to replacing the fire extinguisher in our destroyed home when the township required it, is extraordinary. Moreover, she is clearly invested in the recovery and well-being of the community in which she lives. We now consider Marion a member of our family.
There is no one better.…
Not enough space provided here to list all of the subject matter that Marion is expert at. Marion represented us as a dual agent when we sold our previous home and bought our new home. If you've ever been through this process before, you know it's not an easy one to manage. However, Marion brokered the deal from front to back and never waivered. All that aside, she really knows her Market and is Industry savvy. Marion is not just our agent anymore....she's a friend!!! Can't say enough!!!
–Mario and Jean
After losing a house in BHW in April of 2012 to a failed inspection - my family and I were devastated. Needless to say- we started looking all over again- and I knew I found the right realtor when she called me back within five minutes on a late Sunday evening (after I saw a home on line) My family and I are from North Jersey- so I was so happy to hear that Marion was orginally from North Jersey. Right from the very first phone call- I quickly learned that Marion was a dedicated, ethical, and knowledgeable realtor. Marion helped guide us throughout the process - and is a real class act! She was always there to answer any question(s)- and in a timely fashion! You can tell she LOVES what she is doing and is passionate about helping others! I am happy to say- we closed on our home in East point in June. We have been enjoying the house ever since, and have shared great times with family and friends! We are looking forward to many more years of fun memories! Marion was God sent! I was blessed to have found her! Marion is the best!
Besides being an awesome realtor- she is a good person.
Xo Michael & Kristi
Hi, Marion.
I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my uncle's property these past few months. You sold the place in what I thought was record time and were very helpful all through the process making it quite painless. I am sorry I missed you yesterday at the closing, but wanted to drop you a line today and thank you for all your help. It made my life so much easier knowing you were at the helm running things down there. Thanks again.
Dear Marion,
I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You for all your help, guidance and advice on the recent sale of our home. I can’t believe it sold in less than two weeks! It was a very difficult decision for us to make, but once we made it, I knew you were going to be my realtor. I received so many of your “SOLD” postcards over the years I lived there, that convinced me you were the one to get the job done for us too.

I truly appreciate the time you took to explain the current market conditions to us, and help us set the right price. It really was a pleasure to work with you, and the entire process from listing to closing went so smooth, I could not ask for anything more. Again, Thank you! And I will be telling everyone I know who’s thinking of buying or selling in the LBI area to call you!
Jeff & Teri
As you know, the sale of our Hurricane Sandy bungalow closed on Wednesday and I just can't thank you enough for your professional help, advice, counsel, communication and timely actions. I mean it.
I like dealing with the best (it helps ensure success). I did my research, got some help from some realtor friends of mine in Florida, Virginia and Michigan, and we all concluded that you were the best realtor in the County and I felt very lucky when you agreed to list our family home. And sure enough I was right, we hired the best and had success!
I appreciate your measured approach to market research, setting prices and plans and then making adjustments as necessary. I also appreciated how quickly you always answered calls and emails with my myriad of questions.
It was a pleasure dealing with you - like working with a good friend. Thank you again for everything you did for me and my entire family.
All the best,
Dear Marion, I want to thank you for all the hard work you did to facilitate the sale of my mother’s house. The fact that I live in North Jersey and the house was in South Jersey proved to be no issue at all because you handled every situation that arose. You found contractors to repair the gutter, to prepare the house for the certificate of occupancy and to get its’ heat/air certification. You did everything with both professionalism and compassion. I cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond to sell my mother’s house in four months (from listing to closing date) at a time when other homes in the area have been on the market for one to two years. This was truly an amazing accomplishment on your part given the housing situation at this time.
I can honestly say I believe you to be the very best realtor I could have had. Thanks again for everything. Sincerely, Barbara
Dear Marion, During the past 30 years, my wife and I have survived many real estate transactions. We have experienced these dealing not only as homeowners, but also as developers selling completed homes in addition to improved home sites. To our recollection, even in a favorable economy, most have been stressful for the buyer, seller or both. With the current economical climate, trying to close a relatively simple low mortgage real estate transaction is a logistical nightmare. It requires a professional realtor like yourself, to posses the patience, creativity, coordination, understanding, communication skills and professionalism required to hold it all together to a favorable conclusion for all involved.

Our recent closing involving my mother’s home required all of the attributes listed above. With three families, four attorney’s, three banks and my mom, an 85 year old patient yet skeptical woman, this was a transaction unlike most. If it wasn’t for you Marion, this window of opportunity would have been closed for the foreseeable future. Because of you, my mother is now close to most of her children, grandchildren and great grandchild, “my daughter Sienna.” My family and I are grateful for your expertise and without hesitation will call upon “The Van Dyk Group” again and YOU, Marion, to represent our family when the time comes.