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Protect Your Home When Going on Vacation

Jan 27 2017


Six Quick Tips to Protect Your Home While Vacationing

For many people, a vacation is a welcome break from reality -- no work, no stress, no worries. However, it is also prime time for break-ins. Here are some tips on how to protect your home while you're traveling.

Don't post travel plans on social media. In today's digital age, it's become so common to post photos and "check in" online all the time. But that vacation photo also lets everyone know that your house is empty and may be for a while. It's safer to hold off on posting until you're back home.

  1. Install a security system and motion-sensor lights. These lights can frighten away burglars when activated and also alert you and your neighbors of anything suspicious.
  2. Make sure to cover your windows with drapes or blinds to prevent criminals from seeing into your home and "window shopping" with your belongings.
  3. Trim back any overgrown bushes or trees that may offer a burglar a place to hide. You don't want to have anything in your yard that could assist a criminal in stealing from your home.
  4. When you go away on vacation, set your lights and TV on timers so that it seems that someone is really at home. These inexpensive devices are very efficient in deterring criminals.
  5. Most importantly, ensure that all windows and doors are lockedwhenever you leave home. This is such a simple tip that so many people forget, but it is the most important one to protecting your home this summer and throughout the year.


Following these tips will help protect you and your home the rest of this summer season or any time of year.